Friday, 25 May 2012

Welcome back Karen

Karen returned from O/S to see the house for the first time, as she had seen the progress on the blog it wasn't too much of a shock.
But the weather was! Rain has been non stop for the past 24 hours and the dam has finally overflowed. The run off from the house site is all finding its way into the dam and sped up the filling.
The ground is waterlogged and a few leaks have appeared.

The Hebel Installers tried to do a little cutting of sheets in the garage, but it just got too wet too progress.

The shed has progressed quickly and is HUGE, plenty of room to store "stuff" and the motor home.

Good we can see where the leaks are before the house is all sealed.

Hopefully we will get a few good days next week to finish the shed and Hebel.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hebel Hurrah

The first sheets of Hebel were installed today.
The sheets are heavy and have to be manually carried to there position on the site. If Metricon hadn't insisted on a fence it would have been much easier for the installers, the delivery truck could have distributed around the site. Each panel weighs approx 100kg.
The full panels go in easy, cutting is a slow process.

The back side of the house has most of its full sheets installed.
Back of house

Master Bedroom and En Suite

The plasterers continued. A few areas are done in square set, but mostly cornices.

Entrance all done in square set.

Problems encountered with the council and the septic dispersion trenches. Council have advised we must move the fill from the site cut out of the area. Big and costly exercise, will probably have to move the fill off site as we have no where to spread it with easy access.

Monday, 21 May 2012

A little activity

The Hebel installers started putting the frame to hold the Hebel up. At last!!

Plasterers were hard at work sealing and taping all the joins.


Bedroom 2

The shed kit arrived. It doesn't look much, but the driver assures me its all there.

This will
become this


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Bi Folds Installed

The Bi Folds were installed today after a repair of the mitre join.

We must have had some kangaroo's visit during  the night?

The plasterers began the finishing



And the slab for the shed was completed.

I seems huge, but with the motorhome inside probably want be much space left

(Pics to come - They are still finishing)

But still no Hebel !

Good Morning

A few early morning photos to start the day.

The Entrance

Outdoor Room

Dining Room

Plastering Continues

Plastering continued today with all the sheets installed.
The Hebel installers failed to show again, I hope they get the Hebel up before it rains again.

The house plan is beginning to become obvious and the rooms are now identifiable.

Bedroom 2 (Future Japanese Theme Room)

Bedroom 3

The Kitchen
 More Display Pictures

The En Suite

The Family Room.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Lets Get Plastered

There is alot of activity over the next few days.
Plastering began today, Hebal arrived and installers due tomorrow, slab for shed to be poured and bi fold doors reinstalled on Friday.

Plasterers got started today. Mainly ceiling work was done

Kitchen Begins To Take Shape

Sitting Room

The Garage Looks Huge with the 2900mm ceiling,

Hebal arrived and truck just managed to negotiate the narrow driveway (less space as shed slab is now in the way)

All the repairs from Kev's report which had to be done before plaster were completed.

Extra noggins installed

Reinforced beams where vacuum penetrates

Corner studs extra nail added and supported.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Pre Plaster Inspection

We had New Home Inspections look over the house today and overall he was quite happy with the house although their were a few issues which will need to be addressed.

These Include: 

Missing noggins to attach plaster under the drop ceilings.

Bedroom 2 - Missing noggins on shared entrance wall.

Kitchen - Missing noggins under bulkhead
Powder Room ; Missing noggins on shared wall with entrance

Corner studs not properly nailed to noggins - missing nails and gaps between noggin and studs.

Sarking not properly finished under roofing and run into gutters

Sarking Under Eaves

A number of other smaller issues were raised and will need to be addressed.

The plaster sheets arrived while the inspection was being carried out, the report was sent this evening so Metricon has before they can start plaster.

Under other activities the slab was prepared for the shed and we put down some more crushed rock due to mud build up.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Insulation and Alpacas

The insulation pink batts went in today.

We also had visits from the plasterers and Hebal installers both should be here later in the week.

Its difficult to get an information out of the Site Supervisor on timing, and he is uncooperative at any information regarding the Independent Inspector we have contracted. I get the impression he just wants to get the job done quickly, which is all very good but it must not come at the cost of quality.

Bedroom 3

En Suite
The pink batts for the ceiling were lifted into the roof space to spread after the plaster goes in.

The foundations for the shed slab will be excavated tomorrow (if it doesn't rain too much).
The shed arrives on the 21st May and will be erected next week.
I will start to look at removelists to move the furniture etc out of costly storage.

The Alpacas from next door were up close.

Kobe Greets Another Neighbours Alpacas