Friday, 29 June 2012

New Furniture

The Hebel Manager visited today and we discussed the quality issues. He is getting the installers back to fix most of the problems raised and clean up the finish before the render is applied.

In the mean time the painters have "finished" or should we say they thought they had finished. A review of the quality of the paint finish raised our concerns and we went through the house with the Site Supervisor. After a quick visit to the newly opened display home in Rye we will not settle for the sub standard finish the painters have done (areas missed, stain on windows and architraves, paint on stained window frames, scratched windows, lack of stain and excess stain on timber windows and doors)

In the mean time we have started our search for suitable furnishings during the EOY sales.
Lounge Suite, Dining Setting, Outdoor Furniture etc plus floor coverings,

For the Outdoor Room

Dining Table

Side Table For Dining Room

Family Room Lounge Suite
(Kobe will be banned from this lounge)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Hebel Concerns

The Hebel panels were eventually completed, but the quality of the installation was leaves alot of unanswered questions.
The installers were working on more than on job at a time and would turn up to work on our house for a few hours then leave to work on the other job and spend most of the time setting up rather than working.
The panel appears to us to be poorly installed but the installers and our Metricon site supervisor both say the render application will cover up all the inperfections in the Hebel, I am yet to be convinced this will be the case and are concerned how the final product will look.

I hope my concerns are unwarranted!!


Hebel Hanging Over Slab by excessive amount

Hebel Short

Joins not sealed

Water leak damge

Gap Between Hebel and Eaves

Screw Holes Not Sealed

Friday, 15 June 2012

Painting Begins

Activity has slowed down with a few days with no activity after the long weekend.
Painters arrived later this week and have spent the last few days preparing and staining the timber doors.

Its concerning the mount of stain they get on the windows, don't seem to worry about masking?

The stain is in Merbau.

It's disappointing that the Hebal is still not complete which is causing delays an moving forward with the render.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Sun On Arthurs Seat

Its the long weekend and the sun came out today on Arthurs Seat, hopefully drying some of the mud.
Below Arthurs Seat the clouds didn't lift till the afternoon.

Mt Martha From Arthurs Seat

Clouds Roll Over The Peninsula

Friday, 8 June 2012

Fitout Continues and Waste Plant Installed

The portico and outdoor room cedar ceilings were completed and look great.
The cleaner came in and swept out the house, moving dust from one location to another. (Don't know why they do not use a vacuum).

Portico Ceder Lining

Front Entrance (Double doors. which were
incorrect are yet to be installed)

Outdoor Room Cedar Lining
The waste treatment plant (worm farm) was installed leaving behind a trail of mud.

The driveway is now just lined with mud.

Dispersion Trenches for the Treatment Plant turned the front
of the block to mud.


Thursday, 7 June 2012

Fitout Begins

The past few days the carpenters have started the fit out. Doors and cedar lined ceilings have been installed.
All the doors are now installed, with the exception of the front door (wrong doors delivered). The pantry door which was installed as a clear door is yet to be replaced by a translucent door (which has been delivered on site)

Sitting Room Sliding Doors

Master Bedroom Entracnce

Outdoor Room and Dining Room

The cedar lined entrance is complete and the lining in the outdoor room and portico should be completed today.

The Hebal is still not complete, although the installers left saying they were finished?
The quality of the Hebal installation is very average and they are reliant on the render applicators to ensure a smooth and seamless finish.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Seduced by Seductive Limba

The kitchen was installed over the last few days and looks great.
The feature laminex colour is Seductive Limba (Diamond Gloss) and it has seduced us both.
The protective plastic covering the laminex doesn't allow a true picture of the final product (but with the messy tradesman we are glad its covered)
Until we saw the installed kitchen we were concerned our colour selection may not match as we haven't seen it on other homes.
The bench tops are set to follow.

The En Suite Laminex are in Nocturne Oak.

The Laundry cabinets are in Laminex are also Nocturne Oak.

And when you compare to our current accommodation we could fit 20 kitchens into the same space.