Friday, 20 July 2012

Texture Completed

The texture was completed yesterday and the colour looks great, enhances the merbau doors and windows.

Other progress continues slowly, the gas log fire was installed, the kitchen cabinetry was completed and the en suite vanity cupboard doors were replaced.

The mirrors continue to be a problem with the second attempt to complete the powder room mirrors being installed incorrectly. As they couldn't be removed in one piece it was necessary to break the mirrors and replace them again.

Barnfloor Coloured Texture

Barnfloor Texture Enhances Merbau Doors

Gas Log Fire in Family Room and through to sitting room

 Example of finished see through gas log fire

En Suite Vanity

Mirror Doors To Master Bedroom Robe

Mirror in entrance

A greenhouse has added to the vegetable garden to increase the growing season. Erecting the kit greenhouse was a challenge with the limited instructions.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Rendered Speechless

The base coat of render has been applied giving us a light at the end of the hebel tunnel.

Hoping for some dry days ahead so we can see the coloured texture applied.

The final render colour will be darker (Dulux Barnfloor)

The Vegetable Garden has begun to take shape and winter crops are already in the completed beds.

The more we read about raising our own veges the more confused we get about soil type, water requirements, when to plant and what to feed. I guess it will be trial and error.

We have also started work on a greenhouse to get the seedlings started and extend the seasons.

The raised vegetable garden will be surrounded with lavender to attract the bees

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Progress Continues

Some of the the bathroom fittings and taps have been installed.
Metricon changed from tap sets to mixers in some areas, which caused some distress,  we have agreed to settle for the mixers.

Guest Bathroom

Guest Bath

Master En Suite


Still waiting on the render to be started which is due to start this week, but the weather hasn't been favourable to render application.

Mirrors arrived today for the Powder Room but didn't fit so will have to be replaced.

Other activities continue:
  • The raised vegetable garden is nearing completion and work has started for installation of a greenhouse.
  • The worm farm treatment plant is ready to be connected to the house.
  • The water tank pad is ready for tank installation next week.

Friday, 6 July 2012

The lights are on but no ones home

Activity has been slow but progressing, tiles to the wet areas are 75% complete, lighting and power points are fitted. (lighting is just batten lights, we will install our own lights after handover).

The Hebel installers were back today repairing most of the problems identified and the render is due to go on next week, weather permitting.

Painters still have a lot of repair work to do and some windows will need replacing where the painters have scratched the glass while cleaning off excess paint.

Dining Room and Bi Folds


Powder Room (Wrap Mirror o be installed)