Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The slab is complete

Pumps and trucks rolled up at dawn and were quickly into pouring the slab. The weather is excellent and all appears to be going well.

The Cement Mixers Rolled In At Dawn

Plenty Of Mix For a Continuous Pour

Perfect Weather

After a long day the slab was completed at about 5pm. It all looks flat and from my limited experience matching the plan.

The Front Porch

From the Outdoor Room which will be deck after handover.

Appears smooth and flat/(looking from bedroom 1)

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Waffle Slab Ready To Pour

The slab is now ready to pour, the team worked flat out all day to prepare the waffle slab.
The termite protection went dawn as the sun set, the inspector has been and hopefully all is good for a pour tomorrow.
37 squares in a single storey is a large slab!

The lower porch ad garage are now clear.
It was a busy day for the site manager.

Looks like an ant load!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Slab Is Getting Close

Crushed Rock Spread over site.

 Today was more excavation and the spreading of crushed rock over the site.

The Building Inspector was on site this evening and explained the way the footings for the outdoor room work. Also questioned him on fill compaction and he was comfortable with what the builders had done.

Additional Footings For Outdoor Room

The building inspector will be the same person throughout the build.

The addition of footings for the outdoor roomwere dug, these will be filled when the slab is poured.

The porch shape is more obvious due to the cut-in.

We still have a number of outstanding questions with our Construction Customer Support Coordinator
(difficult to get any responses!)

Friday, 23 March 2012

Site Has Been Fenced and Soak Pits In

Drainage and Piers Are Complete

Activity has continued although at a slower pace due to some wet cold weather. The piers went in on Monday and Tuesday.
Fencing up on Wednesday, being a rural site I don't really understand why this was required.
When we drove up today there was a kookaburra sitting on the fence, at least it makes a good perch for the wildlife.

Drainage done on Thursday and Friday. As we look around the site we can now see where the rooms will be in relation to the drainage points.

We met our Site Supervisor on Thursday and walked around the site with him. He has 15 builds on the Peninsula at the moment. Fortunately for us he was the builder of the display Chelsea 37 in Lyndhurst which we "more or less" are copying.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Power was connected (almost!!)

Meter Box Is Installed
Today the power cabling and meter box were installed. Still needs to go live.

We laid the telstra conduit to avoid digging up the driveway again.

Day 1 - 13th March - Construction Has Begun

Site Cut Begun
The cut was deeper than expected
But the outlook from the fill is great.

Our Current Site Supervisor

After waiting to be notified of a start date for a number of weeks we were pleasently surprised to arrive on the site on Tuesday 13th March to find the site "cut and fill" had begun.

We were expecting to meet with the site supervisor prior to start (we have a temporary site supervisor keeping an eye on proceedings).

From The Beginning

Chelsea - New Home Design
Chelsea 37 Resort

Its been close to 18 months since we first selected the Chelsea as a future home. We are building on acreage on the Mornington Peninsula and the layout was ideal for our land and the presentation of the display by Metricon was the best we had seen.

The sales team at Marriott Waters in Lyndhurst were excellent to work with assisting us with our requirements. We selected a large number of the displayed options (the cost was a shock, but close to our original budget).

Being on acreage added a number of complications:
  • No towm water requiring tanks and sealed gutter system.
  • Bush fire regulations (added significant cost)
  • Tank gas (LPG gas appliances)
  • Costs of services higher due to distances from road.
After the journey through Studio M we eventually had plans to present to council. 7 month later we had our palanning permit and could start to finalise our contract.

Despite the time to get things right we are already at 14 variations, fortunately mostly in our favour.