Sunday, 21 October 2012

Decking Complete

The decks are now complete and the Merbau looks great.

We have decks leading from the French Doors in the Sitting Room and Master Bedroom, an extended deck from the Outdoor Room (which connects to the Master Bedroom Deck)  and the entrance deck under the Portico.

Outdoor room - decking extended to eaves.
Merbau Deck and Cedar Lined Ceiling

Master Bedroom Connecting to The Outdoor Room
Portico Deck

Sitting Room Deck

Monday, 15 October 2012

Decking Started

We have started the decking with the permission of Metricon before handover.

View From The Bedroom 1 Deck

Sitting Room Deck

Portico Deck

Metricon have agreed to finish the Hebel in the manner suggested by Kevin from New Home Inspections with a plinth around the base to allow render to ground level and landscaping right up to the house.

We are close to a handover. The scratched windows have been replaced and the painters were in today to patch up. (Unfortunately the painters were the same poor quality painters who caused many of the issues we have had in the first place).

Outstanding sre the replacement of garage door which has been scratched, finish of hebel base, commissioning of gas log fire, moving overflow of evaporative cooler out of closed water system, polishing or replacing scratched tiles in bathrooms and a few other issues.