Monday, 30 April 2012

Plumbing Begins

Plumbers moved in today to start running gas and water.

Just averted a stuff up, the solar panels for the hot water service were about to be put  up in the wrong position, exactly where the heater flue will be. Metricon had raised this with us as they forgot about the flue. It seems like they forgot to issue the revised plans to the tradesman, fortunately I was onsite at the time.

Not the ideal location aesthetically for the cooling unit, but will deliver maximum flow to the large open space.

Gas connection for bulk gas cylinder

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Roof Complete

A perfect Sunday (although a little cool) and the roof is complete.

The Woodland Grey Colourbond looks different in various light and blend well with the gums behind the house.

An elevated view

Some consideration to what we will need to do with the entrance being a 700mm drop from the driveway.

A possible desgn concept

And decking designs

Friday, 27 April 2012

Roof Almost Complete

A little Saturday work and the roof is almost complete.

You May Be Able To See The Ironbark Posts Are In.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Rain strikes again

Not much action gain today, roofers were on site for about 2 hours before the rains came.

Over heard one of them saying this is the most frustrating job ever!!

The weather report for tomorrow and early next week is a little more promising.

About a third of he roof completed

The fence posts arrived, after some confusion the correct post were delivered. The posts are perfect rounds which give a better looking fence (assuming I can lay them straight!)


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Water Supply

While we have so much rain and no building activity it might be the right time to explore what size water tank we will install.

The property has no town water, natural gas or sewage.
Water will be supplied by rain water caught of the roof and stored in tanks (see below), gas will be LPG bulk tank and sewage will be via our own worm treatment plant.(I'll explain that some other time).
It is our intension to add solar power after handover, currently we only have solar hot water. The house is designed with a large roof area facing north for solar panels.
The average rainfall  for Arthur Seat for the last 7 years is 807mm pa. One of the highest in Central Victoria.

The driest month is March with an average of 45mm, while the wettest month is July with an average of 86.6mm.

Proposed Colourbond Water Tank

Our catchment areas:
  • House 375 sq mtrs
  • Shed 90 sq mtrs
  • Tank 38 sq mtrs (the tank will capture it own water ave 30000 ltr pa) 
NB 1 sq mtr = 1 ltr of catchment per mm of rain.

The house has a closed storm water system where all water caught on the roof is directed to the water tanks.
The house will deliver an average collection of 302,000 ltrs and the shed 72,600 ltrs per annum.
If the house was to use 620 Lt per day the total annual usage would be 226.000 litres per annum. Even in the drought year of 2006 there would have been enough water supply.

Gardens and orchard will be watered by the dam.

A 60000 ltr tank would give 100 days storage, the worst case in the past 7 years was 2 month with as little as 6mm.
And a smaller 20000 ltr tank onto the shed.
Tanks will be able to transfer water between them, both are proposed to have CFA connections for fire protection.
The current 2000 ltr tank will hold dam water for irrigation.

Monday, 23 April 2012


It seems the weather has finally caught up with our progress.
With Anzac Day tomorrow and the forecast for wet weather for the rest of the week I doubt whether we will progress much for the rest of the week.

Main Fridge !!

On Sunday we got 26mm in as many minutes and it hardly stopped since,

On Monday morning the roofers got a few sheets up and then the rain and winds came.

The site is a muddy mess and its impossible to walk around without mud caking to your boots.

All work has ceased
Vegetable Garden Area Just Mud !
The good news is we got the Building Permit for the shed approved today and work will start on the slab next week. (weather dependent !)

That will give us a large dry area in winter.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Skippy Visited

Opened the door this morning to find a Kangaroo grazing on the block. Unfortunately Kobe had spotted and chased him away by the time I got my camera.

On our morning walk we spotted a few other Kangaroos.

Looking both ways before crossing the road

The weather wasn't so good for excavation today. Hail and heavy rain made the clay and soil stick like glue to everything.

Hail stones sounded like bullets on the motor home roof.

Best Picture I could get without venturing outside

 Most work planned did get done despite the rain.

We will have to sort out drainage when we landscape!
The pad for the water tank is almost complete.
Just remains to get it level
  • The vegetable garden and compost locations are prepared.
  • The front fence post holes were dug.

What will we find at the end of the rainbow?

Friday, 20 April 2012

Missed by One Day

Down came the rain one day early, so no roof today.

So I adjourned to the chef hat restaurant La Petanque in Main Ridge for a long lunch. including a luscious dessert.

Raspberry and Lavender Ice Cream

PS  The new iron bark posts did arrive and look much better and I went over Kev's report with Jim. Wasn't too much left to fix and carpenters will be back on Monday to install the posts and finish the required fixes.

The packing sand arrived for the water tank, it will need to be moved to the back of the house by the bob cat, as we couldn't get the truck between the trees.

Below is the proposed redesigned Raised Vege Garden layout for comment.

Kobe relaxed in the motorhome out of the rain, I think we will have a seating issue when Karen returns.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Roof Started

The roofing arrived late and unfortunately they only had time to get the frame up, forecast is for a shower or two tomorrow but less than 1mm so should be OK to get the roof on.

The Hebal representative was here and reviewed the job.

The walls should be up next week!

New Home Inspections have email the report, I don't believe it contained anything too disturbing. At the time of writing the post I hadn't had time to review it in detail. Kev went over it with the carpenter onsite and at a quick glance I see some fixes were done.

The good news is the Ironbark Posts will be replaced tomorrow and I expect better quality.

Other activities:
  • Disposed of old fencing at tip (Backed In on my first attempt!)
  • Had nice bonfire of weeds and bracken, (Bigger bonfire when get another still day.)
  • Marked out trenches and post holes for excavator on Sunday.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sunset On Arthurs Seat

Not much action today.

Safety scaffold went up for roof application.

Kev did his inspection, yet to see report but from initial walk around he did not pick up any major issues. Commented that the structure for the open plan outdoor room was excellent, has seen small beams used leading to door which will not close easily. Also the amount of timber and strapping in the frame was excellent. Hopefully no major issues were discovered after I left Kev.

The sunset tonight was spectacular over Mornington Peninsula and Port Phillip Heads.

Arthurs Seat


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Gutters and other activities around the block.

The gutters and fascia went on today.

The Group 4 building inspector came and advised a few issues need fixing before the roof can proceed. I'm sure his list got bigger when I advised we had an Independent Inspector coming in the morning!! Wasn't the same inspector was a contracted inspector from Bayside Inspections on behalf of Group 4.




The front door and bi-fold frames were also completed late yesterday.

Looking in the wide
front entrance.

The Outdoor Room Bi fold frames installed.
NB The posts are temporary!!
Meanwhile work continues around the block.

The front fence has gone and marked for post holes to be drilled on the weekend.

The new fence will be post and rail with wire mesh.

Getting a clear run for the new fence was a challenge.
Not to mention removing rusted barb wire.

And the timber for the raised vegetable garden have arrived.

Red gum Chosen In Preference to Treated Pine.

Packing sand for the water tank will arrive on Friday and on Sunday the excavator will dig out the pad and move the sand top the site. (Unfortunately we cannot get the delivery truck to the pad site!).

Also to be completed on the weekend:
  • Agi drains for water from neighbours dam.
  • Post holes for front fence
  • Compost Bins Site leveled and post holes dug.
  • Excess soil levelled.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Roof Frame Continues

No big leaps in advancement today, just lots of timber and nails reinforcing and supporting the frame.

The front roof section began as you can see.

No news on the Iron Bark posts.

View From Stockdale Rd at the rear.

The front - shouldn't be to hard to landscape and grand entrance.

View From The Motorhome
After discussing with mulching contractor I will burn the pile of trees and buy in mulch. $350 to mulch trees for probably 2 -3 cubic metres of mulch. Can buy 20+ cubic mtrs for $350. Next cold still day will have big bonfire!!

Dining Room View - Note no pile of trees!!! Moved to bonfire site at rear.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Roof Goes On!!

Looking like a house already

The roof is higher than I imagined

Its not all smooth sailing!

Splits In Iron Bark Posts "Rejected"

Portico without posts till problem is resolved

And a garage with a window delivered too large.

But the view from the kitchen is excellent.