Friday, 3 August 2012

Metricon Slowing

The days of something new happening everyday have gone. We haven't seen many tradesman this week and when they have turned up they have done little, or nothing, due to other issues.

We made our second last payment a couple of weeks ago and since the last payment is relatively small percentage Metricon have lost interest in completing the project.

The plasterers turned up and were going to plaster above the Gas Log fire until we advised them that the studs were not as required by the building permit and I guess building standards. If we were not on site we would never had known until we tried to hang a picture, or the walls cracked. I'm certain Metricon were trying to take a short cut.

Water tank is now installed.
We hope the rains come once we have connected to the house as we have 80,000 litres to fill for summer.

Sewage Treatment Plant (Worm Farm)


  1. Hi, just saw your fireplace set up and it's a little like our design for our family room, however we are getting Metricon to build in cabinets on either side. Thanks for the heads up on the studs above the fireplace. Will Definetly highlight this with Metricon. Alo love your mirror at the entrance. All the best.

    1. Hi Deene, thanks for comment. Metricon have now fixed fire place issues and we are waiting for the trim and logs to be installed. We have a double sided fireplace with one side in sisting room and one in family room. We asked metricon to quote us on bookshelves in sitting room on either side of fire place and the salesman said their response was'tell them to go to ikea!!! We will get it done after handover.