Saturday, 25 August 2012

Close , but not sure how close? Updated

Progress might be slow but we are inching closer to our first opportunity to comment on the quality of the build. Cleaners have been busy washing windows, tiles and mirrors.

The large number of scratches on the windows are even more prominent when they are clean. We have learnt that the toughened glass we were required to install for our bushfire BAL 12.5 rating scratches very easily on one side, pity the painters were not made aware of this.

The render has a number places where water has caused damaged and the  finish is also patchy which will require re coating.

Despite the issues the majority of the house looks great and sits well on the 1 hectare block.

Reflection In The Dam

Rear Of House

The kitchen benchtops and fire hearth (Caesar stone - Ivory) have been installed.
Glass Splashbacks should go in this week.

Kitchen Ivory Ceasar Stone Benchtops

Butlers Pantry.
Waiting for Paris glass splashback

The bathrooms are complete with the En Suite bath being installed.

Karen's Bath

En Suite



Powder Room

The Garage Door installed

Meanwhile we are building a fence around the house to keep the Kobe from wandering too far during the summer months. (snakes also like to live in a rural stting)


  1. Hi, I am about to built Chelsea 37 next year with Metricon. I just wanted to know your feedback on the quality of the finish work of your house and dealings with Metricon. Your advise would be appreciated.


    1. Hi Neil,
      Generally we are reasonably happy, although the finishing is not high quality and Metricon need to be pushed to get the final stages finished (after the last significant payment).
      The Chelsea sits perfectly on our block and the Outdoor Room (with timber bifolds and pillar removed) is exctly what we wanted and looks great.
      Are you building on a large block and in what state, it would be good to follow your blog, if you have one?
      I would advise keeping a close eye on Metricon and ensure any issues are caught early. We had an independant inspector who picked up issues we would not have.
      Some of the issues to look out for include:
      If you are building in Hebel, the finish on the base of the Hebel.
      Quality of staining if you have timber.
      Have the contractors got the right set of plans!
      Incorrect cabinetry (Wrong colours).
      Are the walls and ceilings square.
      Plumbing connections, are they completed correctly.
      Alot will come down to the your Site Supervisor, we have mixed feelings on ours. The biggest issue was communication, we never knew what was happening and when issues were raised whethter they would be fixed or not (most were eventually fixed after constant pressure). We were living on the block during contruction which allowed us to see activities and monitor progress closely.

      Good Luck with your build.

      Clyde and Karen