Friday, 20 July 2012

Texture Completed

The texture was completed yesterday and the colour looks great, enhances the merbau doors and windows.

Other progress continues slowly, the gas log fire was installed, the kitchen cabinetry was completed and the en suite vanity cupboard doors were replaced.

The mirrors continue to be a problem with the second attempt to complete the powder room mirrors being installed incorrectly. As they couldn't be removed in one piece it was necessary to break the mirrors and replace them again.

Barnfloor Coloured Texture

Barnfloor Texture Enhances Merbau Doors

Gas Log Fire in Family Room and through to sitting room

 Example of finished see through gas log fire

En Suite Vanity

Mirror Doors To Master Bedroom Robe

Mirror in entrance

A greenhouse has added to the vegetable garden to increase the growing season. Erecting the kit greenhouse was a challenge with the limited instructions.

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