Sunday, 27 January 2013

Final Post Chelsea 37 Metricon

We have been in for a few weeks now and finally got the furniture moved from the shed to the house.
Tiles and carpet have been completed and we are settling in. Prior to Christmas we had the lights installed and exposed aggregate concrete to the entrance to the garage.

Thanks to all those who have followed our progress throughout the build, this will be our final post (unless any major issues occur in the future)

We have a list of issues for Metricon to fix. Most significant being a failure the shower drain in the En Suite is blocked with concrete, so we cannot use the shower until damage is assessed and repaired. Overall the build was reasonable, certainly wouldn't say its a high quality finish as the glossy brochure indicate, the "independent" Quality Inspection was a joke, scoring 99. (painting and staining is very poor, plasterboard joins can be seen, many of the locks are not fitted correctly, and the shower drain).

But overall we are happy with the house and structurally it is very sound.

Outdoor Room

Looking Down Corridor at Entrance

Family Room


Kitchen & Family Room

Dinning Room at Christmas
Ourdooor oom At Night

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